2020: What’s new at sulonorth?

Reading time: < 1 minute Spring is nearly here. It’s been awhile since we posted here. First of all, we apologize for the silent treatment. It wasn’t personal. It had nothing to do with you. We had our heads down and now the ice is melting, though the Covid-19 pandemic is pretty bad we’re adopting the whole work hard and […]

Buildings in the Helsinki, Finland Neighborhood of Kallio

Helsinki Real Estate: Where to Invest in Property

Reading time: 5 minutes Helsinki, as well as the surrounding metropolitan area (Greater Helsinki), is growing steadily as more people move to Southern Finland, mostly to work and study. Therefore, the current, significant, demand in the Helsinki real estate market will continue as more people are looking for a place to live. An intelligent real estate investor has an opportunity. […]

Finland Economy: Where is it going over the next two years?

Reading time: 3 minutes Both Finland’s Central Bank and Finance Ministry have recently released updated forecasts for the next two years. The news isn’t great. In case you don’t understand subtlety, the Central Bank’s headlined their press release: Finland’s economic boom is over. A quote: Finland’s economic boom is over and growth is temporarily losing momentum amid weaker global […]