Ultimate Guide to Finnish Music – Back to Work Edition

The Ultimate Guide (from our perspective) to Finnish Music: Back to Work Edition is here. With summer over have a listen to these songs from Nordic artists.

Our ultimate guide to Finnish music arrives as the summer season wraps up and the end of year work frenzy begins.

In Finland, most companies were fully up and running again by mid-August. Employees will want some new tunes to deminish the pain of losing that refreshed post-vacation feeling.  

What do Finnish people listen to while at work you may wonder?

What is the soundtrack that keeps Finns the happiest people in the world despite the daily toil for Euros? (Note that only 10% of Finns usually work more than 40 hours per week – that’s just plain smart).

The answer is…probably pretty much the same type of music that you listen to. Maybe there’s a little more metal in the mix.  

Here’s SuloNorth’s 10-song ultimate guide to Finnish music (back to work edition). Listen to the Spotify playlist or one by one below. 

1. Hard Rock Hallelujah, Lordi

2. Matkustaja, Egotrippi

3. Sandstorm, Darude

4. Missä muruseni on, Jenni Vartiainen

5. Texas, Haloo Helsinki

6. Ikävä, Chisu

7. Wings of A Butterfly, HIM

8. Pohjoiskarjala, Leevi and the Leavings

9. Kulkuri Ja Joutsen, Tapio Rautavaara

10. Palasina, Vilma Alina

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