Independence Day in Finland 2019, Will a Prime Minster Attend the Presidential Party?

The Finnish flag

Finland’s Independence Day (itsenäisyyspäivä) is on Friday - December 6. It’ll be one of my first Finnish Independence Days in Finland for over a decade. In recent years, I’ve celebrated at Finnish consulates and embassies in places like Istanbul and Abu Dhabi. Now back from living abroad, I admit Independence Day feels especially good. Finland [...]

Helsinki’s Christmas street opens with reindeer, Santa police, & Saara Aalto

People gathering at Senate Square for the opening of the Christmas St in Helsinki, FinlandChristmas lights at Esplanadi Park in Helsinki, FinlandHorses are also ready for Christmas in Helsinki, FinlandWomen attending the opening of the Christmas St in Helsinki, FinlandPeople listening to Saara Aalto perform Christmas songs at the eventEven dogs were dressed for Christmas [...]

The Finns, a right-wing political party, has gained popularity among educated business people in Finland

The Finns Political Office in Helsinki Finland

Earlier this week, a poll showed that populist Perussuomalaiset (the Finns / True Finns) remained the most popular political party in Finland. 23% of the 3,414 people surveyed over the course of about one-month supported the Finns, while 17.3% backed Kokoomus (the National Coalition Party), the second most popular party. So soon after the spring [...]