Finnish on Demand

Need an urgent translation or proof of a short Finnish to English text?

Look no further.

Urgent translation and proofing

sulonorth has your back with our urgent translation service – Finnish on Demand. We understand that you sometimes need only short pieces of text translated or proofed by a professional.

For example, text for a website button, a subject line for a marketing email, a call to action, a blog post, or a product description.

Often this need arises suddenly, usually right before a deadline, and you need assurance that the text you are presenting is correct. Not mostly correct or nearly correct. Actually correct.

But there’s no time to stop your workflow and reach out to a translation agency for what ultimately is not a lot of words. You don’t want to pay what may be exorbitant urgent translation rates. And anyway, it may be the translation agency’s work that you’re not sure about in the first place!

We launched our Finnish on Demand service for exactly these types of situations.

Urgent translation on demand

How does it work?:

  1. Choose a Finnish on Demand package (The Hero, The Builder, The Project Manager). Each package is valid for one year. Contact us directly if you need a customized package.
  2. Once you have paid for the package, you are ready to start using the service. When a translation or proof is needed, send us the text, and we will get back to you within the time period you’ve selected. We will also let you know how many texts you have left in the package.

NOTE: Our Finnish on Demand service is for generic texts. Contact us for pricing and turnaround times regarding texts with very specific terminology (ie medical, technical, and legal texts).