Personalized English Writing Courses

sulonorth offers personalized online English writing courses. Our objective is to assist individuals who currently write in English at an intermediate or advanced level to improve their skills.

Our approach is to focus on the specific skill or vocabulary set that the student wants to improve. Do you want to write better English language essays or business proposals? Do you want to dive deep into the intricacies of grammar? Do you want to develop better report writing skills? Are you aiming to craft long-form articles or even a book?

The lessons are typically 45 minutes long and highly interactive. The student will receive consistent feedback, along with a set of digital study material customized to their needs.

The teacher will be a native English speaker with a high degree of knowledge and passion for the language. The specific teacher’s profile and qualifications will be shared with the student after an appropriate match is made. The teacher-student match is based on the student’s learning goals.

The teacher and student will meet via a video conferencing app. A high degree of flexibility means that working professionals can also take advantage of the service. While the teacher provides guidance, the student has the ability to ask that the teaching methods are delivered in the ways most suited to their learning styles. For example, some students prefer verbal feedback on a piece of writing. Others prefer in-depth written feedback.

Whatever the preference, the teacher will adopt an approach that best allows the student to meet their learning goals.

How to begin

  • Use the form to schedule a call to discuss your goals
  • Receive an overview of your customized learning plan, along with your teacher’s profile
  • Have your first lesson